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   Significance of Solar Power

Conventional energy sources are limited and will disappear soon over next few years. Non-conventional Energy sources are in abundant volume and available year after year. For a country like India, Solar Energy is a big and continuous source of power.

Electric Power generation in 2015-16 was 1275 TWh and a gap between Demand and Supply is nearly 10%. It is estimated that by 2035, India would need to generate at least 5,000 TWh power to cope up with rising demand. This underlines importance of non-conventional/renewable energy sources, in which Solar energy is of paramount importance.

Solar Industry Potential in India

As of July 2016, India’s installed capacity for Solar Power was of 8 GW, while Government plans for installing 100 GW of solar power by 2020. Smart cities ambitiously planned by Government of India, will need clean and green electric power and Solar will have a major role in it.

On an Average, India has nearly 300 sunny days around the year and hence can produce solar power to its optimum capacity. Solar power is clean and free from emission,and hence a truly green energy.

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